Coffe Beans

The types of coffee found below are available both in raw and in different roasted variations in our shops. Furthermore, we sell flavoured varieties of coffee (vanilla, caramel and peanut) as well as freshly roasted coffee-beans dipped in white chocolate. You can find our coffee-shops here.

Viennese , French , Italian


Country of origin


Vi Fr It
Ethiopia Soft, and fruity with a mild aroma of flowers  

Jemen Mocca

With a hint of chocolate, the coffee has a fruity, slightly spicy flavour.



It is the queen among the brands of coffee, having strongly spicy, soft aroma of flowers.  


A strong, spicy, aromatic coffee.    


This coffee leaves a mild aftertaste of chocolate.    



Bécsi, Francia, Olasz  


Country of origin


Vi Fr It


Grown 1,000 meters above sea level, free of any chemical intervention. The beans are picked exclusively by hand to ensure quality. Its peculiarity is its low acid content and its complete lack of any caffeine.



This coffee has an aromatic flavour with a gently sweetish touch.    
Costa Rica Richly aromatic coffee.    


Its flavour-effect hints of chocolate, and it is mildly spicy.  

Guatemalan Antiqua

With a rich flavour, it is excellent for white coffee mixed with a Viennese roast or some other aromatic coffee.    

Guatemalan Maragogype

Also known as the 'elephant bean', this is the biggest bean in the world. Its taste suggests silky chocolate.  

Hawaiian Kona

This typically soft, harmonic tasting coffee suggests caramel and cinnamon.


Blue Mountain

The 'caviar' of coffee, this plant has been grown since 1725. The coffee has a wonderful, sweet aroma with hazelnut and chocolate taste.



This coffee has a slightly walnut-taste, with a smoky touch.


Columbian caffeine-free caffee

It has a faint walnut taste and an intense, yet pleasant flavour.



It is a pleasantly aromatic coffee, with a mild walnut taste.


Mexican Maragogype

Taken from extra-large beans, the coffee has a slight walnut flavour.

Nicaragua Silky chocolate taste with a touch of spice    


It is a softly aromatic sort of coffee with slight caramel taste.



Gentle, silky taste that reminds us of chocolate mixed with faint smoky flavour.    















Bécsi, Francia, Olasz  


Country of origin


Vi Fr It


Strong nicely flavoured full-bodied coffee. Its taste is rich in content.


Indonesian Jawa

The coffee is firm and substantial, typically full of flavour, strongly spicy.



It is an exotically spicy, full-bodied, aromatic coffee.


Kopi Luwak

The most expensive coffee in the world originated from the Indonesian Islands (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi). A rare coffee, a genuine delicacy, the coffee beans are picked out from the droppings of beasts of prey belonging to the civet-cats who eat coffee-beans.



A harmonic tasting coffee, with a rich, full aromatic scent.



Roasting methods:

Viennese roasting:
light roasting, resulting in soft silky flavors with high caffeine-content; recommended for white morning coffee

French roasting:
medium roasting, a little stronger flavour-impact; suitable for making all kinds of coffee

Italian roasting:
strong roasting, for oily coffee-beans with lower caffeine content and peculiar flavour; recommended for making ristretto


Some pictures on the coffee-roaster:

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