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Our firm, the Cafe Mistral Ltd., existing since 2003, is a continuously growing company in Hungary. It upkeeps two coffee-shops in Budapest, one in MOM Park Shopping Center, the other one in Rózsakert Shopping Center. Our main sphere of activity is marketing freshly roasted coffee coming from many coffees producing countries all over the world, as well as selling coffee specialities in our cafés.

Some of our specialties are the flavoured coffee (vanilla, caramel, peanut), as well as coffee-beans partly decaffeinated, dressed in white or eating chocolate. Our partner firm, the COSTA Coffee Processing Ltd. guarantees us the best quality including essentially freshly roasted coffee, by means of its own coffee roaster.

Our guests are awaited with the most modern coffee percolators and a Barista-training received personnel who takes the proper attitude to serve you in an obliging and polite way. Besides coffee drining we offer you hot chocolate, tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, cooled drinks, refreshments, sandwiches and home-made pastries, too. The coffee is served in cups decorated with our emblem. The coffee-beans, or on request ground coffee, is packed in aroma preserving bags, bearing our own emblem, in different sizes (125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g).

Our firm guarantees’ the standard of the services by its specially shaped system, which meets the requirements of the European Union, specified in the HACCP standard / General Hygienic Regulations/ . Our regularly returning guests’ reliance and satisfaction prove the quality both of our coffee and of our service. In recent years more and more Spanish tourists visited our coffee shops. We consider their words of acknowledgement an honour and are thankful they returned to our shop repeatedly during their stay here.


Roasting methods:
Viennese roasting light roasting, soft silky flavors with high caffeine-content, recommended for white morning coffee
French roasting medium roasting, a little stronger flavour-impact, recommended for making all kinds of coffee
Italian roasting strong roasting, oily coffee-beans with lower caffeine content and peculiar flavour, recommended for making ristretto


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